What your hands say about your health

Public concern over the condition of King Charles’s swollen hands and fingers is not new. They drew attention at the funeral of his father, Prince Philip, in April last year and as far back as 1982 the then Prince wrote to a friend that the newborn Prince William had similarly sausage-like fingers. One of the … Read more

What is the healthiest bread?

Sign up for CNN’s Eat, But Better: Mediterranean Style. Our eight-part guide shows you a delicious expert-backed eating lifestyle that will boost your health for life. CNN  —  One of the foods many people hate to love is bread. It tastes so good, but we often get messages that, nutritionally, it’s so bad. There are … Read more

Two new bird flu cases confirmed in Norfolk and Suffolk

Published: 9:26 AM September 26, 2022 Updated: 11:56 AM September 26, 2022 Two new bird flu cases confirmed in Norfolk and Suffolk during the weekend have deepened concerns for the region’s threatened poultry farms. Government vets found a highly-pathogenic strain of avian influenza in commercial poultry near Northwold, between King’s Lynn and Thetford, on September 23. The following day … Read more

Most dietary supplements are a waste of money. Here are the ones to take, and what you should avoid.

Doctors said healthy adults should prioritize eating a balanced diet over taking dietary supplements.Hollis Johnson/Insider Insider put together a chart showing which supplements are safe, and what to avoid. Doctors recommend getting nutrients through food, as overdosing on supplements can cause health problems. But research shows some supplements can be useful. You likely don’t need … Read more

7 Metabolism Booster Supplements To Aid Healthy Body Composition

In simple terms, metabolism is a vital process in which the body converts the food and drinks we consume from our diet into energy to fuel our bodies daily. This energy is essential for driving “basic” bodily functions (like the digestion and absorption of nutrients in our gut, breathing, our heart beating, blood circulating throughout … Read more

Viruses May Be “Watching” You – Lying in Wait Before Multiplying and Killing

Phages can sense bacterial DNA damage, which triggers them to replicate and jump ship. Viruses may be ‘watching’ you – some microbes lie in wait until their hosts unintentionally give them the signal to start multiplying and kill them. Especially after more than two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people picture a virus as … Read more