Duke of Norfolk sentenced in private for driving offence due to ‘national security’ | Aristocracy

The public and press were excluded from the sentencing of the Duke of Norfolk on grounds of national security as details of the coronation of King Charles III were to be discussed as part of his argument against losing his driving licence. The earl marshal, 65, who organised the Queen’s funeral and has a key … Read more

Farmers threaten to quit NFU as leader backs scrapping of nature subsidies | Farming

Farmers are threatening to quit the National Farmers’ Union after its leader said she supported the UK government’s apparent move to scrap post-Brexit nature subsidies. This weekend, the Observer revealed that the government was poised to abandon the “Brexit bonus”, which would have paid farmers and landowners to enhance nature, in what wildlife groups have … Read more

Markets warn sterling slump could lead UK interest rates to triple by next year | Interest rates

The plummeting value of the pound has sent the interest rate on government debts to a 12-year high, with money markets predicting the Bank of England base rate could almost treble to 6% next year. Sterling tumbled to an all-time low of $1.03 against the dollar overnight before recovering to $1.07 in morning trading as … Read more

Bank of England urged to raise rates as markets bet on 6pc by next year

Gerard Lyons, economist at NetWealth and a backer of Liz Truss, said it is “down to the central bank to try and get ahead of the curve, to try and address the market concern”. He added that Mr Kwarteng also needs to act. “He needs to reaffirm that tax cuts are only part of the … Read more

How to protect your wealth as the pound collapses

Jason Hollands, of the broker Bestinvest, highlighted the TB Evenlode Income fund for savers looking to invest in the British stock market. Its portfolio collectively made just 15pc of its revenues in Britain, and 36pc in the US, he said. The fund has returned 31pc in the past five years, offered a yield of 2.9pc, … Read more

Shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves attacks Liz Truss’s economic plan which ‘has been tested and has failed’ | Politics News

Labour’s shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves has said the UK government is putting the economy in danger and attacked Prime Minister Liz Truss’s plan of “trickle-down economics” after the pound sank to a record low against the dollar. Sterling slipped to a low of $1.0327 on Monday, before stabilising at around $1.07, following lows seen after … Read more

Revealed: world’s biggest meat firm appears to have avoided millions in UK tax | Meat industry

The global megacompanies supplying some of Britain’s most popular meat brands, including KFC, Nando’s chicken and Sainsbury’s organic range, appear to have been using offshore companies allowing them to avoiding paying millions of pounds in tax in the UK. An investigation by the Guardian and Lighthouse Reports has found that two companies – Anglo Beef … Read more

Letters of no confidence in Liz Truss ‘already being put in’, says Tory MP

LETTERS of no confidence in Liz Truss are already coming in amid fears she will “crash the economy”, a source has suggested. A former Tory minister MP has told Sky News the new Prime Minister is “f*****” and the party are already looking to bring her down following Friday’s mini-budget.  The MP said: “They are already … Read more

Rush to deposit paper £20 and £50 banknotes ahead of deadline to remove them as legal tender | UK News

UK Post Offices are expecting a “last moment” influx of customers depositing paper £20 and £50 banknotes this week before they can no longer be used in shops. Friday 30 September is the deadline that the Bank of England’s paper notes will have legal tender status. After that date, only polymer banknotes will be acceptable … Read more