NASA pushes back Artemis 1 launch date AGAIN as Tropical Storm Ian nears hurricane strength

NASA has been forced to postpone the launch of moon rocket Artemis 1 for a third time as Tropical Storm Ian, which could soon become a hurricane, bears down on Florida. The Tropical Storm has sent panic throughout the state with residents clearing shelves at grocery stores, and now the nation’s space program has felt … Read more

SpaceX breaks pad turnaround record with two Falcon 9 launches in six days

SpaceX has completed its 43rd launch of 2022 and 62nd dedicated Starlink launch overall, breaking a launch pad turnaround record in the process. That pad – Cape Canaveral Space Force Station (CCSFS) Launch Complex 40 (LC-40) – is the single most important cog in SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launch machine, significantly increasing the significance of what … Read more

Carlo Rovelli: ‘Science is not just about writing equations. It’s about reconceptualising the world’

Of all the big ideas floating around — long-termism, degrowth, space colonisation and so on — is any quite as radical as quantum physics? For a century, physicists have known that the classical assumptions about the universe are incorrect — electrons do not orbit the nucleus of an atom, but exist in waves around it. … Read more

New Pacific island rises after underwater volcanic blast | Volcanoes News

The tiny island came into existence 11 hours after a volcanic eruption and grew to 24,000-square metres in size. A new island has emerged in the southwest Pacific Ocean after a Home Reef underwater volcano erupted  oozed lava and ejected ash and steam. The island came into existence 11 hours after the eruption on September … Read more

How to see Jupiter from our region as gas giant enters ‘opposition’ and closest point to Earth

A composite image of Jupiter taken by the James Webb Space Telescope’s Near-Infrared Camera (Photo courtesy: NASA, ESA, CSA, Jupiter ERS Team; image processing by Judy Schmidt). That’s good news for amateur astrophotographers and space enthusiasts across our region, because tomorrow the largest planet in our solar system will be the biggest and most visible … Read more

Jaw-dropping Jupiter photo made of 600,000 images, photographer says

Astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy of Arizona captured this stunning view of Jupiter by stacking 600,000 images of the planet to create his sharpest view ever. See more of McCarthy’s images on Instagram (opens in new tab). (Image credit: Andrew McCarthy/ One photo of Jupiter may be worth a thousand words, but what about more than half … Read more

Target Venus not Mars for first crewed mission to another planet, experts say | Venus

With a surface hot enough to melt lead, crushing atmospheric pressure and clouds of sulphuric acid, Venus might not sound like the most enticing destination for human exploration. But a group of experts are advocating that our other nearest neighbour, rather than Mars, should be the initial target for a crewed mission to another planet. … Read more

Innovative MIT Passive Cooling System Works Without Electricity

By David L. Chandler, Massachusetts Institute of Technology September 24, 2022 Two samples of passive cooling devices were tested on the roof of MIT’s Building 1: On the left, a sample of the new system, combining evaporative cooling, radiative cooling, and insulation. On the right, a device using just evaporative cooling, for comparison testing. Credit: … Read more