Some Google Photos users finding old corrupted images

In recent days, Google Photos users scrolling back several years through their library have found pictures that can be best described as “corrupted.” Over the weekend, people began noticing that their years-old photos (over five years, approximately) have lines and deep cracks running through them, as well as other blurry or distorted areas. White dots … Read more

Rust is eating into our systems, and it’s a good thing • The Register

Opinion Rust is eating into our systems. The first Rusted drivers are being welded into Linux, while Microsoft’s Azure CTO Mark Russinovich said C/C++ – until now, the systems languages of choice – should be dropped in favor of Rust henceforth.  This is not universally applauded. No change in ecosystem ever is, and language wars … Read more

A 20 Year Old Chipset Workaround Has Been Hurting Modern AMD Linux Systems

AMD engineer K Prateek Nayak recently uncovered that a ~20 year old chipset workaround in the Linux kernel still being applied to modern AMD systems is responsible in some cases for hurting performance on modern Zen hardware. Fortunately, a fix is on the way for limiting that workaround to old systems and in turn helping … Read more

Hands on with AptX Lossless, the new tech promising CD-quality audio over Bluetooth

CD-quality music is still the benchmark for decent audio; it’s not quite hi-res, but it’s noticeably better than the lossy, compressed music found on Spotify and your old MP3 library. But actually listening to uncompressed CD-quality music on a phone can still be tricky if convenience is also important. The source material needs to be … Read more

Windows 11 now warns when typing your password in Notepad, websites

Windows 11 22H2 was just released, and with it comes a new security feature called Enhanced Phishing Protection that warns users when they enter their Windows password in insecure applications or on websites. Windows login credentials are valuable to threat actors as they allow them to access internal corporate networks for data theft or ransomware … Read more