What your hands say about your health

Public concern over the condition of King Charles’s swollen hands and fingers is not new. They drew attention at the funeral of his father, Prince Philip, in April last year and as far back as 1982 the then Prince wrote to a friend that the newborn Prince William had similarly sausage-like fingers. One of the … Read more

7 Metabolism Booster Supplements To Aid Healthy Body Composition

In simple terms, metabolism is a vital process in which the body converts the food and drinks we consume from our diet into energy to fuel our bodies daily. This energy is essential for driving “basic” bodily functions (like the digestion and absorption of nutrients in our gut, breathing, our heart beating, blood circulating throughout … Read more

Beer IS good for you! Scientists claim two pints a day may slash your risk of dementia

Drinking beer every night may lower your risk of dementia, scientists claim. Australian researchers studied the drinking habits and dementia rates among 25,000 over-60s. Results showed people who drank the equivalent of two pints a day were a third less likely to get the memory-robbing condition than teetotalers. Non-drinkers faced the highest threat, according to … Read more

Half of British psychotherapists turn away patients after cases rise by 10%, poll reveals

Half of British psychotherapists turn away patients after cases rise by 10%, poll reveals – as three quarters see decline in patient mental health Half of UK psychotherapists have stopped seeing new patients research shows Three-quarters of the therapists said they saw decline in patients’ mental health 90% of highlighted patients’ finances worries about were … Read more

Woman from Maidstone helps others after beating four-year anorexia battle

A woman who had anorexia has described how she was compelled to walk 70,000 steps a day at university during her four-year battle with the eating disorder. Emily Hale, from Maidstone, celebrated after successfully completing her treatment programme and securing a job at a Cygnet Health Care hospital – where exactly one year ago she … Read more

How ‘nuclear Tipp-Ex’ kills skin cancer as NHS patients could be saved from surgery in new trial

How drop of ‘nuclear Tipp-Ex’ kills skin tumours as thousands of NHS cancer patients could be saved from painful surgery in new trial ‘Radioactive Tipp-Ex’ could save thousands from painful surgery in new trial It is rubbed on cancerous skin melanomas and forms a hard crust in seconds A UK trial is underway to see if it … Read more

Is it worth spending £500 on a high-tech skin cancer check or could you do it with a smartphone?

I am standing in a harshly lit, windowless, overly air-conditioned room wearing nothing more than a paper thong to protect my modesty, waiting to undergo a cutting-edge body scan. Apart from feeling chilly, I’m somewhat apprehensive. I’ve had medical scans of my bones and joints before, including MRIs, X-rays and CTs, after suffering various sports … Read more

Reusable contact lens users are nearly four times more likely to develop serious eye infection

People who wear reusable contact lenses are nearly four times more likely to develop a rare eye infection that could rob them of their sight, a study has found. The British scientists behind the research also warned that wearing lenses in the shower, swimming pools and while sleeping raised the risk too. In the study, … Read more

Oxford study: One in eight people might have blood pressure without knowing

Why you could have high blood pressure and not even know it! One in eight adults suffer spikes at NIGHT that are missed by daytime readings, study suggests Fifteen per cent of adults aged 40 to 75 had high blood pressure in evening Oxford University experts say they would be missed by daytime screening Hypertension … Read more

Dr Michael Mosley: How to have a longer and healthier life thanks to these simple lifestyle changes

At 65-and-a-half years old, I am rapidly approaching retirement age (for men and women of my vintage, it’s 66). While I’m happy to continue doing what I am doing (writing, making TV documentaries and podcasts), lots of my friends are retiring — and most seem content with their new, less affluent but more relaxed lives. … Read more